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Orexa Fettuccine Pasta 500g

Orexa Fettuccine Pasta 500g

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Certified Greek Pasta fettuccine made from 100% durum wheat semolina is prepared by skilled artisans according to local tradition to deliver the authentic taste of Greece to your table.

Fettuccine is one of two flat egg pasta ribbon types, the other being tagliatelle. Both are normally an egg pasta, produced using a mixture of durum wheat flour and eggs. Like many fresh egg flat pasta, fettuccine is thought to be a descendant of the Roman and Greek pasta known as ‘lagane'.

Fettuccine are usually thinner than tagliatelle; normally 3-5 mm in width. Tagliatelle are wider, 6-10mm. If you cut the pasta strips wider still then you have pappardelle! So now you know.

Ready in 8 minutes.

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