Embracing a new era of ‘slow living’

We’re in a new era of “slow living” and people are embracing this new global trend. Slow living means nurturing your local community and spending time on the relationships that bring value to your life. It’s about rediscovering the art of conversation and analogue hobbies like board games and phone-free meals. It’s about being a good listener. And about cultivating relationships based around shared values and interests.

It’s about eating your meals mindfully, focusing on the flavours and textures of your food and the people around you. Greeks have always understood this ‘new’ trend. In Greek culture, food is so much more than sustenance – it’s about culture, comfort, family, community and life itself. And Meraki is a Greek Deli Restaurant Café that embodies slow living. The name ‘meraki’ itself means to do something with absolution passion and devotion - giving it your heart and soul. This comes across in everything we do…

…like ensuring that our restaurant meat and produce is sourced from local and international suppliers, our people benefit from our success as well, our food is authentically Greek, generous and joyful, our owners and staff are here to welcome you with real warmth and active listening, and our atmosphere is relaxing, familiar, interactive and yours. Because at Meraki, you have a place to love life in the now.

Meet your hosts


Genevieve, the Xeni, comes from a business background, but is an adventurer and health fanatic who teaches yoga and is passionate about authentic foods that nourish the body and soul. She has been immersed in the culture and food of Greece and, along with her husband John, she is realising her dream of bringing wholesome foods and healthy products from abroad as well as sourcing them locally. Having studied wine for several years and harboured wine bar ideas since business school, she is one step closer in realising one of her dreams - with a flavourful twist!


John and his family hail from Crete – his grandfather established the building which is home to Meraki as a first generation immigrant. Despite being an engineer in his day job, he is an aficionado in preparing Greek spit lamb and has always harboured a secret passion to serve authentic food from his homeland, a passion which is finally coming to realisation. His mission is to bring you the best yiro in town!

The Meraki chair

Our traditional Greek café chair is a part of our identity. It speaks to a place where there’s always a chair waiting for you. A chair you can pull up to the table and enjoy deliciously authentic Greek and Mediterranean food, play a board game with some friends and pull closer to engage in some real conversation.