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Dragonas Bros Calamata Extra Virgin Olive (1L/5L)

Dragonas Bros Calamata Extra Virgin Olive (1L/5L)

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Calamata Olive oil (with a 'C') is extracted by cold pressing of selected calamata olives. The result is perfectly balanced fine and mellow olive oil of low acidity and natural delicate flavour.  Extra virgin olive oil keeps indefinitely at room temperature, far from light and tightly capped. It can turn cloudy when temperature falls below 7C without affecting quality.

Named for the city in Greece where they were first grown, Kalamata olives — like all olives — come from the olive tree and must be cured in a specific way before they can be eaten. Kalamata olives only grow in the Peloponnese Peninsula in Greece around the city of Kalamata.
In terms of Kalamata vs Calamata, they are one and the same. Within the EU (and other countries that ratified PDO agreements or similar laws), the name is protected with PDO status, which means that the name can only be used for olives (and olive oil) from the region around Kalamata. 

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