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Elma Mastiha Chewing Gum (14g)

Elma Mastiha Chewing Gum (14g)

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Mastiha is a natural resin, known since the Antiquity to the people of Eastern Mediterranean countries, for clean teeth and fresh breath. It was the first natural chewing gum of the ancient world. 

Chios Gum Mastic and Mastic Oil have a strong anti-microbial action and prevent dental plaque formation. Due to it's distinctive taste and relative hardness, Chios mastiha stimulates a greater production of saliva than ordinary chewing gum. this results in a greater feeling of freshness and cleanliness in the mouth, while also contributing to the treatment of xerostomia (dry mouth).

University studies have shown that chewing mastiha effectively helps to massage and exercise the gums, prevents tooth decay and periodontal problems as well as limiting the formation of plaque.

Elma produces these superior gums in a variety of sugar-free flavours, using xylitol as well as the Classic (with sugar).

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