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Halwani Bros - Plain Halva / Halawa 320g

Halwani Bros - Plain Halva / Halawa 320g

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Halva originated in Persia (modern day Iran) and is a term applied to numerous kinds of sweets, including the now-familiar sweetened cooked semolina or flour paste.
Most types of halva are relatively dense confections sweetened with sugar or honey. Their textures, however, vary. Sesame-based halva is drier and more crumbly than semolina based halva. 

Halva is a traditional fasting food among Greek Orthodox who traditionally have food restrictions, especially from meat, on Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the year, as well as during Lent. 
It is popular across the Mediterranean and Middle East - including Israel, Iran, Turkey and India. 

Halwani Bros Company is one of the most famous Saudi companies in the production and distribution of food. The company was founded in 1950 in Jeddah with the production of “Halawa Tahinia” as its main product. Since then, the company is best know for products of high quality and wonderful taste. Halwani Bros is famous for 100% natural products. 


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