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Helios Chylopites Pasta (500g)

Helios Chylopites Pasta (500g)

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Pasta is one of the most basic elements of the Mediterranean Diet. It is rich in complex carbohydrates, iron, selenium, calcium, B protein, and vitamins, without fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Xylopites or Chilopites is a traditional type of pasta. In Greece, we find the first reference to pasta in 1000 BC. It was a plaque dough of flour and water called “laganon”. When the Greeks made their first colonies in Italy, they brought it with them.

According to tradition, chilopites are a kind of pasta made by the worthy women’s hands at the end of the summer. They dry under the summer sun and then housewives store them in white sachets together with the other supplies of winter as they were an important dish of the winter diet. This tradition continues to date in some households, while the consumer can buy packaged chilopites at various stores.

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