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Paliria Classic Dolmades 280g

Paliria Classic Dolmades 280g

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Paliria is all about quality, convenience, respect and Greece.....
Classic dolmades, or dolmas, are vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs. They go great with yogurt or tzatziki, but can also be enjoyed on their own just by adding a few drops of fresh lemon juice!

These dolmas are Paliria’s number one product and trademark, being the biggest producer of dolma in the world... This unique snack, which is consumed daily by millions of people all over the world, has become the company’s flagship since it was founded in1957, starting out as a small family business, making and selling delicious homemade dolma. Since then, these small bites made of rice, cooked with fresh dill and mint, are still hand-wrapped one by one, inside tender early-harvest vine leaves.

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